/Site Supervisor

Cinque Terre

Job Description

  • Leading installation team and provide directions to perform works on site as per approved project specifications and standards.
  • Responsible for allocation of workers and deploy to various site locations as per project schedule.
  • Coordination with installation team prior to site works like tool box meetings.
  • Identify all technical issues of assigned project to assure complete client satisfaction through all stages of installation.
  • Ensure that the quality of the finishes is as per the approved specification or quality standards.
  • Coordination with mall management, local & airport authorities in submission of required drawings and documents required for installation at site.
  • Ensures workers observe and follows established safety guidelines on site.
  • Responsible for safety inspections on work site to identify and evaluate situation and prevention of accidents.
  • Prepare action plan and report progress on all site activities.
  • Site inspection and conducting feasibility studies for projects
  • Installation reports to be maintained and shared in a timely manner to Project Managers.
  • Able to locate and deploy local installation teams overseas and limit person’s number of persons travelling from Dubai.
  • Able to schedule well for limited time available at site (majority of shop in shop projects to be completed within 8 hours)
  • Able to take quick decisions on site to complete job.