/120,000 sq ft Factory
Automated Production Unit

Scheduled to open in December 2016, our new own factory is a sprawling 120,000 sqft building. It will have the most modern material handling and movement procedures to ease from storage to production and further to packing and delivery.

Currently Abra operates from a rented premises of 60,000 sqft in 2 different locations. We are well equipped to meet your brands standards in joinery, painting, acrylic and print divisions with the state of the art routers and laser cutting equipment. Our 35,000 sq.ft. air conditioned workshop & multi shift operation ensures that we have the capacity to handle multiple projects at a time, while maintaining work quality & efficiency throughout the production process.

If you take a walk on our production floor, at any given point of time, you can see the careful attention to detail on all jobs, large or small.We have an impeccable heritage of "making the customer whole", delivering exactly what the customer expected, defect free, and when they expect it. The fabrication and joinery unit has the state of the art machines with expert technicians playing the lead roles ensuring superior quality and finish. Latest machines operated by skilled and experienced personnel, is our major highlight. CNC routers, Laser cutters, Dust free Paint booth, Clean fabrication unit, Large assembly area for final inspection all contribute to the delivery of a well received display that glow in a mall.

/24 Years
Precision Operation

Cinque Terre

Next year, 2017 we will be 25 years. Isn’t it a pretty long time to be matured enough in the industry? Silver Jubilee, that’s what it used to be known as. Abra has been the pioneering business house in the field with a much focussed attention on the VM&SD industry when it had its birth in the Europe in 2008. Abra VM&SD started its operations in 2008 when it was just happening abroad. And we grew with it.

Today, when we look back we are thrilled to see our own growth graph with steep a rise. From a company that had few local accounts with a business that could well be in thousands, we have grown to a large one with International accounts with billing in millions. We are proud. We are proud to have served you. We still will be. We hope the telepathic JV we have with you will take us to still high giving us more opportunities to learn and do.

Precision in estimation resulting in effective cost control with a diligent hawk eye on quality are the features that motor us through our history. Swift and responsible delivery are the finale in the deal. We have been professionally guiding our company departments to implement. maintain and deliver these. And it’s been working. Our current status is the result of that. It’s not a joke that old men used to say “ you may reap what you sow”. It’s true. Atleast in our case, we know.

Though our client list is pretty impressive, we don’t act big. We believe in simplicity. We are humble. We know that with your help and co operation we still have to grow. We know that we have not achieved all. But we try. We are sure that we will not let you down. We will grow to everyone’s expectations.
We are Abra. We have proven this in our 24 years. We still will.

/300 Employees
Social Responsibility

With a staff strength of 300 we stand to be one of the biggest in the Industry. With a floor area of 120,000sqft, we will be more next year. This is our Permanent VM&SD division. Our Animation division is yet another 50 persons.

90% of our staff is skilled and technical leaving the 10% to Administrative staff. Getting the staff, training them, guiding them etc. is not as simple as we think. You need to dedicate yourself to the job. Make them understand what the client requirement is. Prepare them with necessary technical skill. Skill, right from reading the drawing to preparation of shop drawings to construction and finish. Why? Even packing and forwarding need skill, not to talk about the installation.

And the Admin job is also not easy as the # of people are more. You need to have a proper guidline on Health, Safety and Environmental matters. You have to see that everyone has Personal Protection Equipments as the health and safety of our employees come prior to productivity, for us. And that’s why we have ISO 9001 for Quality, ISO 14001 for Environmental, and ISO 18001 for OHSAS. And our social audit Sedex is S000000073518. All these show how well we need our people in good health. Health precedes wealth. Always.

We don’t draw the line of hierarchy outside our works. We are one family. It’s quite evident from our Annual Day celebrations where you can see our CEO being an active participant in the competitions that take place. That way, we promote everyone to live. Really LIVE the life.

Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre

/32 Countries
Prompt Delivery

Innumerable projects, thousands of locations, hundreds of malls, duty free shops , stores and many countries. Precisely, 32 countries. In the Europe, Italy, Switzerland, UK and Germany, Russia, India, Maldives in Africa South Africa, Namibia, Ghana, Nigeria, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Burkino Faso, Morocco, Uganda, Kenya, Senegal, Angola, Zambia, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Cote D’ vor in the Arab nations Lebanon, Jordan, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and UAE. It’s an impressive list.

All these countries we have delivered, installed projects of various sizes in different locations. On time. Within the Budget. And ofcourse not pinching the pocket much. This is one of the reasons many big brands trust us.

In many of the Airports we have regular access pass to Duty Free Shops. That’s an important feature. Anytime entry is the advantage. It’s a sort of NO DELAY service. Whether it be a fresh installation or a routine maintainance or even an emergency repair. Our team is ready. EVEREADY.

Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre

Abra has a dedicated Installation team. They are given specialised skilled in executing the job faster with details to finish.

Our logictics department has shown its efficiency in sending material to many countries to different locations mostly unaccompanied. Well bred in documentation consignments get to the destinations without any hassle. And that’s what we expect. Uninterrupted movement of materials.